JEE Main Dos And Donts


Do’s for JEE Main 2018 Paper-1

  • Do reach on time because no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall under any circumstances, after the exam commences.
  • Carefully read all the instructions written on the question paper.
  • Use only Black Ball Pen provided by CBSE for filling the particulars on the Test-Booklet, Answer Sheet & Attendance Sheet.
  • Do not forget to write your roll number on the answer sheet correctly.
  • Also, write the test booklet code and answer sheet number on the attendance sheet correctly.
  • Do not forget to sign the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place.
  • You also have to imprint your left hand thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.
  • Follow the signals given by the invigilator at the beginning of the examination, at half-time and before the closing of the exam.
  • Attempt the easy questions/section first and the tough ones later.
  • Cross check the number of total pages in the Test Booklet. It must contain the as much pages as written on the top of the sheet. In case of any difference, immediately inform the invigilator.Do verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR sheet. In case of discrepancy, inform the invigilator.
  • You have to produce your admit card whenever demanded by the invigilator. So, keep it safe with you throughout.
  • It’s your duty to ensure that all the details on the attendance sheet must be correct and signatures are done at the prescribed place/column.
  • Carefully go through all the instructions for marking, mentioned on Side-1 of the answer sheet.
  • You must ensure that the code printed on the Answer Sheet and Test Booklet is the same. In case of any discrepancy, immediately inform the invigilator and get it replaced.

Don’ts for JEE Main 2018 Paper-1

  • Don’t carry any material in the examination hall, not even pen. It will be provided there only.
  • Don’t rush while reading the instructions on the question paper. Read them slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t waste your time on questions you don’t know, either don’t spend too much time on one question.
  • Don’t mark more than one answer options in the OMR Sheet. It won’t be considered and you will loose marks.
  • Don’t use pencil while marking answers. Pencil-marked answer sheets will not be entertained.
  • Don’t remove papers from the Test-Booklet. This action will be presumed to have followed unfair means and will be considered as a criminal act.


Do’s for JEE Main 2018 Paper-2


Most of the Do’s for Paper 2 are same as for Paper 1. Few Do’ are mentioned below:

  • Carry a cardboard or a clip board to avoid the difficulty of taking the architecture paper. Make sure nothing is written over the cardboard.
  • Bring your own geometry box set, pencils, erasers and color pencils or crayons for aptitude test in Architecture.


Don’ts for JEE Main 2018 Paper-2

Its just like Paper 1.

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